I Be About

I Be Music is a vanity label for iBeat. iBeat is more than a person; it’s a movement. iBeat is the sound of the NOW generation. iBeat are the children of postmodern deconstructionist informational age laptop hip-hop. iBeat was a soul born into poverty, rap, rock, house, mtv, video games, the internet, and social injustice. As this soul grew, it searched for new experiences and extended its reach to other areas: filmmaking, existential philosophy, culture jamming, the clash of popular and unpopular society, and punk music. iBeat’s sole purpose is to communicate its experience through progressive rhythms and sounds. With 24 hr access to all types of music, how can one create something that has never been done before – iBeat?

2 Responses to “I Be About”

  1. I totally dig the concept of I Be Music and iBeat. Very clever and refreshing marketing technique. At surface level, I know it may sound strange coming from the co founder of Camp Be IT! But we are using our resources to get to the center of the tootsie pop, and in reality it takes way more the three licks to get to the center of a tootsie pop. There’s some retro POP pop culture for ya.

    Much success to you, your music, and your movement.


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