Plus Sized: Tara Lynn

15 Responses to “Plus Sized: Tara Lynn”

  1. very nice ,sexy and worm

  2. Lisa Winget Says:

    I think plus size women should be noticed alot more than the thin ones because all we see is thin,thin,thin and we think we are supposed to look like that.

  3. Dear god, hottest plus size chick ive ever seen in my life

  4. Too sexxxxyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them thick!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. very beautiful and sexy lady

  6. yummmy…….mmmmmmmm

  7. she is absolutely gorgeous, for once I feel better about my body type instead of ashamed of it. For some people its impossible to be the size of a stick no matter how good they eat or how much they work out.

  8. very beautiful faces on these women. ….but heavy is still unhealthy and tends to make everyday’s normal routine much more difficult.
    shedding the excess pound would make much more enjoyable!

  9. afnaviaux Says:

    I have discovered Tara Lynn in “Le Petit Journal”; she was the guest star and I could not believe how beautiful and charming she was. Fan-tas-tic!

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