Old Piece Of Technology For New Songs

I just bought this bad boy and so far its not working. I’m doing some hardcore research online hoping that I can make it work. This was the first portable reel-to-reel player and recorder made about the early 1960s. The goal is to record my tracks on analog then spit it out back to digital for a new sound.

3 Responses to “Old Piece Of Technology For New Songs”

  1. i have this one. and my motor is broke. i live my email iff u have this motor please help. tnx and best regard

  2. I have one too. Apparently this was sold under several brand names. the RA-11 model number is often kept. But Lafayette calls it the RK-125, Ross calls it the Mark100 here are my notes. I have just started too. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuUQUah_QiArdGtYSHVRV1lpeG5MZGhpemNsMTliZ0E ( http://bit.ly/wVuapB ) Good luck. Also, any chance of scanning those instructions?

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