Spread David Carradine iMix

In his honor, David Carradine is Eastern, folk, rock, rap, soul, and funk music. Enjoy this special Divine Carradine iMix. Tao Poetry read by Stephen Mitchell


1 Truong Thi Quinh Hanh (Vietnam) – Tu Anh
2 Maybe the Last Time – James Brown
3 I Feel Like Going Home – Muddy Waters
4 Picking Flowers – Lei Qiang
5 I Want To Go Home – Leadbelly
6 Jiu Kuang (“Wine Mad”) (Chinese) – Yao Bingyan (guqin)
7 Tower Song – Townes Van Zandt
8 Chabbiyat Tazi Marghul (Uyghur) – Uyghur Muqam Ensemble (J. During, Hong Kong, 1988)
9 Let’s Do It Today (Procrastination) – US
10 Tearz – WU-TANG CLAN
11 Life Still Applies – Wheat
12 No Time Soon – Gnarls Barkley
13 Life – Sly & The Family Stone
14 The Dead Don’t Die Alive (Part One) – 4th Coming
16 Don’t Grieve on Me – Ernest Phipps and his Holiness Singers
17 Heaven At Nite – Kid Cudi
18 Cold World – Inspectah Deck/The Genius

One Response to “Spread David Carradine iMix”

  1. […] iBeat has put together a special iMix to honor the legend that was David Carradine. For the tracklisting, head on over to his blog. […]

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