HorrorCraft: Schizo

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Returning to form, or better yet, progressing to the next stage, I begin to do research on horror films. And with this, I seek with vivacious hunger. This is the beginning of an ongoing series HorrorCraft where I will post some excellent (in my taste) Horror or Horror-type movies.

What intrigued me about SCHIZO, a UK film released on March 1978, was the pacing and the cinematography. The screenwriter was David McGillivray He still works in the industry. The story is simple and straightforward with minor flashbacks and gore. It only briefly brushes on the psychosis of humanity. The main key here was to create a mood, to shock, and show brief nudity. If I was to remake a film, I would put this on my list.

The cinematography was by Peter Jessop. He also did The Harder They Come. There is something about the color of 70’s British movies that really creates a sense of horror for me.  I would also use this technique

MVTRLS: Lords Of Salem

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I was spooked. The visual style is very artistic, more than we expect from a Rob Zombie flick. It seems like he scaled back from his previous Hollywood fare like the Halloween reboots. I definitely categorize Rob Zombie as the present and future representation of American horror movies.

MVTRLS: Maniac

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My hunt for excellent horror films continues. This one shows promise. Trailer below.

I Be Music: 9 x 9 volume 7

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Gunseller and iBeat return with a more passionate ease and ambient stroke of genius. For this installment of their monthly comp series “9 X 9,” they decided to keep the sound steady, throbbing, and atmospheric. Volume 7 features songs from Nicolas Jaar, Peaking Lights, Ford & Lopatin, Four Tet, and even a Sting track. Click pic to download and enjoy this at the right moment.

I Be Music: Mellow Shadows iMix

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A very subtle imix with shadowy textures for the heartbroken and frustrated loner.

MVTRLRS: Spring Breakers

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Not so much a trailer but a movie clip of Harmony Korine’s next blasterpiece, SPRING BREAKERS, starring James Franco and some young Disney actresses showcasing their range. This is coming out in 2013 and I can not wait.

Alien Shows off his Assets in Spring Breakers from MUSE Film on Vimeo.


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Popular shooting technique mixed in with Barry Levison excellent Hollywood professionality can make this a very important and scary film.

Animatic: Guin Saga

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This is epic and inspiring. If your in an odd slump, watch it. Its part of one of the longest novels (over 130) written by a single author in history.

Plus Sized: Bree Warren

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Bandmarked: Capital Cities

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Love ’em. I’ve been playing this song all day. You know how I do! You’ll love this band!